Importance of Doctor Appointment Booking App Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Many hospitals around the world are loaded with COVID-19 patients in the present scenario. With medical staff getting busy to cure the Coronavirus cases, people suffering from diseases other than the COVID-19 are finding it difficult to visit the hospital and get the right treatment advice. This is where the healthcare mobile apps can become the knight in the shining armor and help people to make an appointment with the doctor as per their convenience. According to Statista, monthly active users for the healthcare mobile app “Ping a Good Doctor” increased to 10521 since the COVID-19 began in China.

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This blog will give a detailed overview of why building a doctor appointment booking app is necessary amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Benefits of Building a Doctor Appointment Booking App

Convenience- A doctor appointment booking app offers convenience to both patients and doctors. Patients who need any kind of medical advice can book an appointment with the doctor of their choice. Since the record of every patient will be saved in the app, doctors don’t need to go through the chunks of papers to retrieve the patient’s history or check the schedule of appointments.

Saves Time- A doctor appointment booking app could play a significant role in reducing the paperwork involved in the healthcare industry. Instead of booking an appointment by calling the hospital’s staff, patients can easily plan their appointments within a few taps on the phone. Doctors will also get regular updates on cancelled and scheduled appointments, which will help them manage their work schedules effectively.

Wider Reach- Doctors can expand their medical practices and connect with more patients remotely with the help of an online booking system. Moreover, patients can also share their honest reviews on the app which will not only help in building your brand reputation but also increase the app traffic at the same time.

Reduces Cost- An online system for scheduling an appointment could save the travel expenses of patients to a large extent. Patients with minor health problems can easily get in touch with a doctor with the help of a doctor appointment booking app instead of visiting the hospital. They can share their symptoms using video conferencing or chat support and doctors can diagnose the problem and share their suggestions.

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Must-Have Features of a Doctor Appointment Booking App

Doctor Panel

Registration- Doctors will register on the app using this feature. Adding social media integrations could also help doctors to register quickly and efficiently on the app.

Patient’s data Management- This feature will enable doctors to manage the huge chunks of information regarding the patients without any hassle. They can easily keep a record of the patient’s name, email, contact no., patient prescription history, etc.

Appointment Management- It is another must-have feature of a doctor appointment booking app that will help doctors to accept, reject, manage, and schedule appointments as per their convenience and availability.

Teleconferencing- Doctors can connect with patients via video conferencing or chat and easily share medical advice with them using this feature.

Profile Management- Doctors can add and update the information regarding their work experience, specialty, certifications, location, prices, etc. Adding this kind of feature would also help patients to select the right medical personnel as per their requirements.

Patient Panel

Login- Patients will log in to the doctor’s appointment booking app using their username and password or with available social media platforms.

Advanced Search- Patients can find the doctors of their choice with an advanced search using some specific keywords without navigating through the entire app. They can search the doctors using various search filters like specialty, pricing, availability, location, etc.

Multiple Payment Options- Including multiple payment options like net banking, digital wallets, UPI integrations, etc. will help patients to make online payments efficiently.

Chat Support- Having a chat support option could play a significant role in resolving the queries of patients about the doctors assigned, clinics, medicines, etc.

Push Notification- Patients will receive push notifications for any kind of updates regarding the healthcare industry with this feature. They will also get timely reminders about the scheduled and cancelled appointments.

Admin Panel

User Management- It is vital to add this feature in the admin panel so that admin can easily manage data associated with doctors and patients registered on the app.

Reports Management- Admin can analyze the overall performance of the doctor’s appointment app and draft future strategies using this feature.

Notifications Management- Admin will receive notifications regarding the activities taking place on the app on a daily basis. He will get updates about the latest doctor/patient sign-ups, requests accepted or rejected by doctors, appointments booked, etc.

Review Management- This feature will help admin to moderate the reviews added by customers on the app according to his discretion.


Telemedicine is the need of the hour in the current pandemic situation. A doctor appointment booking app will not only help people to get medical advice from the comfort of their home but also plays a vital role in reducing the spread of the virus. Those looking to enter the healthcare industry must invest their money in setting up an online medical store or building a healthcare mobile app to help people in these trying times.

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