Top 5 Reasons Why Laravel Is The Best PHP Framework in 2020

With numerous PHP frameworks available online, selecting the one to develop your business website is a challenging task. The process of choosing a framework that suits your app development needs depends on multiple factors. While most of the people pick a web app framework on the basis of development cost and popularity, there are many other factors that need deliberate consideration.

The PHP framework that has gained immense popularity from the past couple of years is Laravel. From MVC architecture to object-oriented libraries to Artisan console, Laravel is loaded with innumerable features that make the process of developing a robust web application a trouble-free affair for the users. The following are some noteworthy reasons that give Laravel an edge over other PHP frameworks:


The most prominent reason that makes Laravel the best PHP framework for developing a web app is security. The open-source framework is considered one of the secure PHP frameworks to develop a website due to the following reasons:

  1. Laravel uses a salting & hashing technique that protects a website from cyber-attacks.
  2. It uses Bcrypt hashing algorithm to generate encrypted passwords.
  3. It uses predefined SQL statements that make it difficult for hackers to hack a web app.


Laravel’s unit testing features empower coders to create highly scalable apps quickly and efficiently. Manually testing a source code is a time-consuming and hectic process. Laravel offers automated and unit testing that prevents developers from using third-party tools to fix errors in a web application. It comes with inbuilt features that allow users to run multiple unit tests simultaneously to ensure the stability of a web application.


The process of dividing web-page content into discrete pages is known as pagination. Laravel comes with a powerful paginator that makes it easy for developers to manage, locate, and use the web content conveniently. Integrated with Eloquent ORM and query builder, Laravel’s paginator enables developers to paginate the data available in the database in a time-efficient manner.

Data Migration

Keeping the data in sync between various development machines is a daunting task for developers. Moreover, using separate database management software for data synchronization is a time-consuming and extravagant process. With Laravel, data migration is no longer a cumbersome process. It provides a database migration service with the help of which one can easily incorporate all changes into a new machine without any hassle


Most of the developers write authentication code during the development process in order to ensure the authenticity of their application. Laravel is loaded with some inbuilt features that not only prevent a website from unauthorized user activity but also help users to implement authentication techniques without any difficulty.

Wrap Up

To conclude, web app security, automated & unit testing, data migration, website authentication, and pagination are some prominent factors that make Laravel the best PHP framework to develop web applications. There is no denying that having a website is necessary to make a mark in the online world. But at the same time, making a wise choice while selecting a web app framework is equally important. Taking into account the statistics and benefits mentioned above in this blog post, it is recommended to use Laravel to develop your web application.

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